Collaborate with us!

Greetings! We are a small but dedicated team of people, passionate about preserving and sharing contemporary sacred art as a process and as a result. Even though the main space where we exhibit our sacred art is our gallery's halls, our team believes that the appreciation of art has no borders! During the last decade, apart from the dozens of exhibitions we organized in Lviv, Ukraine, we have held various showings in Marseilles and Paris, Philadelphia and New York, Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw organized together with local galleries and museums.

If you like the array of our artworks by established and up-and-coming artists and iconographers or want to collaborate with us to create an exhibit or art show in your own country, city or institution, we welcome your ideas and initiative! You can send your proposal or invitation to our email address ( – we are willing to come to you, organize the exhibit, and combine our and your creative visions to share and bring contemporary sacred art closer to wider audiences. You can see examples of our previous collaborations on our website below. We are ready to share our art around the world – come join us!

Past collaborations