The limits of the icon at Bohema gallery in Warsaw

/ 03.04.2020—30.04.2020 /

The exhibition The Limits of the icon presents the works of contemporary iconographers from Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. We show a wide spectrum of styles and iconographic themes and we will try to answer the question: are we already reaching the end of the icon? are there any boundaries of a contemporary icon, and if so, where do they run?

We show the works of artists associated with the Iconart gallery in Lviv, such as Ulyana Tomkevych, Natalya Rusetska, Kateryna Kuziv and Oleksandr Bryndikov. There were also icons interpreted by Krzysztof Sokolovski, Joanna Mazuś and Paweł Wyborski.

Foreign artists: Oleksandr Bryndikov, Oleh Denysenko, Ulyana Tomkevych, Ulyana Nyshchuk, Kateryna Kuziv, Olya Kravchenko, Natalya Rusetska, Andriy Vynnychok, Ivan Dashko, Ostap Lozynsky, Roman Zilinko, Oksana Andrushchenko, Mykola Molchan.