Albina Yaloza

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“I have been doing the traditional linocut more than fifteen years. In addition I constantly experiment and find own original techniques and methods of printing.
In general my works are minimalistic in shape. They define the semantic field where each individual work is though a specific statement, which is exactly caught up in artistic language. This is an opportunity to say something about the world and a man without resorting to ordinary narration.
Previous cycle of my works was devoted to the landscape. This is a conventional landscape created by the impression of the location, it includes my feeling to the specific space, and thanks to the abstract submission it offers a field for own interpretations. It is also a cityscape and industrial landscape, depicted also by impressions from the beaches near the industrial zone, ports, railways, natural area where the production adjusted and the presence of a man is perceived through the associated elements of industrial areas: railings, fences, piles, concrete slabs, power lines, cranes and so on.
Nowadays in my works I’m developing the theme of the material side of sacred objects: the classical Bible stories where the figurative is a projection of real-life objects of worship, with their extreme material side, in particular things which are literally with the accession number. This is an attempt to go beyond by dipping into a thing to the limit: the material for images are shattered hands and feet of real sculptures from the vaults of museums, churches and private collections like angels, sculpture of Christ and the Virgin Mary on the back side, with supporting structures, which are turned to the viewer, joints and hooks, burnt wood and cracked gypsum.
In the future, I’m planning to make a synthesis of abstract landscape and sacred objects, therefore placing them out of the sealed environment into a space of landscape.”

Born in Kharkiv in 1978. Lives and works in Kyiv. 1999 - graduated from Kharkiv State School of Art, faculty of painting. 2006 - graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, department of graphic art. Since 2003 she has been actively participating in international, national and regional exhibitions and events. Since 2010 she is a member of the National Artists' Union of Ukraine.