Yurii Kokh "ETHNOOPIR"

/ 01.11.2022—20.11.2022 /


The exhibition features 11 selected works united by a common idea.

Girls in protective masks came to my paintings when the coronavirus epidemic started in spring 2020. Before that, for several years, I had been developing the UKRAINIAN VENETIANISM cycle, a separate ‘carnival’ theme, where the MASK is the defining stylistic essence. Of course, without suspecting anything about the new threat of the 21st century. Such coincidences are rather eerie to contemplate post factum, but I couldn’t have changed the course of events.

When the current war broke out and I was putting the paintings in a safe place, I was inspired by these GIRLS’ EYES, able not only to withstand the pain and suffering of the covid epidemic, but also to bravely face the threat of physical and spiritual destruction from the epidemic, more precisely - the pandemic of rashism. This is a phenomenon familiar to Ukrainians for a long time.

This is how new characters of my painting RESISTANCE appeared. This is the so-called ‘military unit’ of the ARDEKOKH cycle, some works of which have already been presented this year at the Ukrainian Art Exhibitions abroad.

This is our common ETHNORESISTANCE, UKRAINE WILL WIN! /Yurii Kokh/

The author expresses gratitude to:

Roksolyana Shymchuk’s ETHNO GALLERY and their inspirer for guidance in the field of Ukrainian folk clothing.  

Oleh Kapustiak for consulting on modern weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

His wife Olha Pohribna-Kokh for enormous help and permission to paint ‘with impunity’ in any place of the house.

PEOPLE DEPICTED ON THE PORTRAITS: Chernihiv Girl from the Past. Chernihiv mothers, daughters and sisters from the past. Alina, the Pianist. Uliana Vitiuk, the Journalist. Just Daryna. Nastia, the Artist. Liso All, the Dancer. Dzvinka. Petro Humeniuk, the Painter. Liubko Petrenko, the Journalist. Jean Gabin, the Actor.