Kateryna Shadrina "Victima"

/ 01.03.2022—27.03.2022 /


“Victima” from the Latin means sacrifice, and this project is my reflection on sacrifice, faith and love. 

Where there is true love, there will always be a place for sacrifice. Sacrifice can be considered as the level at which the power of love is measured. And the standard in this is God - the perfection of love. He sacrificed the most precious thing for our hope. But in our pragmatic world, it is very difficult to weigh the pros and cons so that one's sacrifice is not made in vain. We are focused on the terrestrial things , we catch the moment and don’t know exactly whether to think about the salvation of the soul and the kingdom of heaven. 

And what is valuable for us to offer our sacrifice for God? This is a rhetorical question on which there may be no permanent opinion. My answer is time. Time for God, for loved ones, for what is really valuable. Time is my sacrifice, my measure of love.