“ICONART” Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery

Markiian Filevych

For many centuries spirituality and European culture have coexisted and complemented each other, however, today we live in a time of their total separation - contemporary culture, both high and popular, very often leaves behind the concept of spirituality, in the same way spirituality, and in a broader sense religiousness as well, does not take into account contemporary forms of culture and art.

In this way spirituality loses its direct contact with contemporaneity and turns into escape to the exotic forms of religiousness, or into the museum of old-fashioned ideas. In such situation instead of becoming the direct source of artistic inspiration, very often spirituality becomes an external form, a sort of cover, a pose or a mask which from time to time contemporary art tries on, but at the same time very often fails to reflect a deeper essence of this dimension of human nature.

The ІCONART Gallery sets a target of bringing closer contemporary art and Christian spirituality. The inner filling of works, as well as adherence to high aesthetic level is important, rather than external forms of expression. The religious content of creative works should not primitivize their artistic perfection, in the same way refined aesthetics would never replace a deep awareness of the truth of Christianity.

We hope that the spiritual filling of the creative works presented will lead to rethinking, and perhaps to the new development of sacral art. However, at present it is important to confirm a rather subjective position of this art which in a new way discovers the meaning of Christianity both in traditional and experimental forms.

Our key goal is to present quality pieces of art, to assert the direct contact of art and spirituality, avoiding distinct confessional belonging, to bring artistic values to people attracted to the Ukrainian culture and their own creative development, to create a positive image of contemporary Ukrainian sacred art in the world.