Ulyana Tomkevych

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Even though I work in the area of sacred art, each of my paintings also partly reflects my inner self. For me to choose a subject of a new painting is to look for my personal, internal questions, doubts, emotions. Only in the process of painting I am able to find the answers. First of all, it is a possibility to communicate with God, cognize and glorify Him every day.
I try to maintain and preserve the old tradition of Ukrainian sacred art. Thus I work in the tempera technique, using egg emulsion and pigments.
Sacred art gives me a wide variety of subjects concerning deep moral and ethical questions of love, sacrifice, faith, and doubt.

Was born in 1981 in Lviv, Ukraine. She graduated from Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts
and then studied in Lviv National Academy of Arts, at the department of sacred art. Her main field is iconography. The author’s works are in the churches and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, France and the USA. She took part in more than 40 art projects and group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.