Olya Kravchenko

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In my artwork, I try to reveal and expand the ancient tradition of icon art. I paint with egg tempera on a wood board, using gilding and silvering, just as the old masters did. Besides, I often combine classical painting with contemporary art forms, such as installation and multimedia art. Together they form a coherent and unique impression.
When I create my icons, I set myself a task of showing a centuries-old plot in a new light. I try to take a sacred plot most distorted in the contemporary world and express it through the prism of my inner vision and feelings, to give it a new voice, restoring people’s love for sacred art in general. It is always a challenge for me.

Born in Lviv in 1985.
2002 – 2008 – studied at the Lviv National Academy of Art, Department of the Artwork Restoration
2003 – 2008 – participation in restoration practice of Painting Restoration Department in Specialized Academic-Restoration Institute “Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya”.
2008 Scholarship Program of the Ministry of Culture of Poland, «Gaude Polonia», Warsaw.
2010 – a member of National Artists Society of Ukraine

Personal exhibitions

2005 – “Schmiedeweihnacht”, Ibzitts, Austria;
2009 – “About the Most Important”, Bon Tone Gallery, Lviv;
2009 – 2010 – author project “Dough”, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv;
2010 – joint project with O. Pyl’nyk “Dreams Provocation”, Zelena Kanapa Gallery, Lviv
2010 – 2011 – Christmas project “Zvirolyudy” (“Animals-humans”), Stari Mury Coffee-place, Lviv;
2011 – Re-anima project, St. Mark Church, village of Varyazh, Lviv region;
2011-2012 – Christmas project “From Roman to Jordan”, Lviv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi;
2012 – joint project with O. Lozynsky and U. Nyshchuk-Borysyak “Transition”, IconArt Gallery, Lviv;
2012 – joint project with O. Lozynsky and U. Nyshchuk-Borysyak “10 х 10 sto wIkon L’vova” (10 х 10 hundred wIkon of Lviv), Zelena Kanapa Gallery, Lviv
2012 – 2013 – Christmas project “From Roman to Jordan”, Lviv.
2013 – Common project with Ostap Lozynsky and Ulyana Nyschuk – Borisyak “Journeys” Gallery “Green Sofa”, Lviv.
2013 – 2014 – Christmas project “From Roman to Jordan”, Lviv.