Oleksandr Bryndikov

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Sacred art accompanies each person throughout their whole lives. Icons are blessed at the moment of baptism, at the moment of wedding… As for woodcut, it is an old technique of mass-produced art available to the broadest audience. At the moment, my artwork is the continuation of an almost lost craft in Ukraine.
I work in the technique of letterpress printing, both longitudinal and transverse. The materials has not changed for more than a thousand years: wooden board, cutters, and paper. I combine this all with the technique of woodblock textile printing (hand printing on fabric).
I draw my inspiration from the old masters of the technique. That is why I mainly create sacred art. It’s a tribute to the almost lost tradition of folk woodcut and textile printing.

Was born in 1983, in Horodok, Khmelnytsky region, Ukraine.
In 2003 he graduated from State College of decorative and applied arts named after Kassian in Kosiv, monumental and decorative painting department. 2004-2010 he studied in Lviv National Academy of Arts, at the department of Monumental Painting.


2007 – project “Torso,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2008 – photo-project “Munich Torso,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2009 – art project “Looking at Icon” in the frames of the project “After Christmas” in the cooperation with the workshop of the song (Ukraine)
2010 – project “FORMAT” (show of the diploma’s projects of the Monumental and Decorative Art Department), Lviv (Ukraine)
2013-2017 – participator in the project “From Roman to Jordan,” Lviv-Kyiv-Chernivtsi (Ukraine)
2014 – exhibition “Imposing color. People’s tradition in contemporary icon painting “, Lviv (Ukraine)
2014 – a foundation of the “Wood-cut workshop.”
2015 – common project “The image of the Victory,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2015 – International exhibition of the contemporary sacred art, Museum of the folklore culture, Lublin (Poland)
2015 – Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart” project “Visions of a World Unseen,” Ukrainian Institute in the USA, New York (USA)
2015 – personal show “Woodcut,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2016 – common exhibition “Exist,” Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2016 – common exhibition “Looking for sacred” (Ukraine)
2017 – exhibition project of the iconography project “Sources” (Ukraine-Poland)
2017 – common exhibition “#AboutGraphics,” Lutsk (Ukraine)
2017 – participation in the project “Folk woodcut in the art collection,” Lviv (Ukraine)
2017-2018 – participation in the show “Silent Night,” Contemporary sacred art gallery “Iconart,” Lviv (Ukraine)