Kateryna Kuziv

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I believe that art should testify of beauty. The search for it always leads to God as the original source - that is why I choose iconography. Beauty always points to something more, a sense of God's presence. Creating icons for me is a pursuit of God, of paradise as a state of being with Him, a reproduction of the transformed reality, of the purified nature of humanity from sin. The time when I create the icon is my way of praying, questioning, searching, the time of being with God, before God, the state of happiness and peace. The aim is to express the "incarnation" of God's Word in a visual image, where a touch of God's reality must take place to awaken a longing for God, to promote the pursuit of Him.

Was born in Lviv in 1993. Kuziv started learning fundamentals of painting at Lviv  Oleksa Nowakiwsky art school for children (1997-2007). During 2009-2015 she completed her bachelors and master’s degrees at the Lviv Academy of Arts, on faculty of fine arts, restoration and monumental art department. Kuziv works in fields of sacred art, monumental painting and graphics. She is a teacher and developer of the course of the fine arts and Cyrillic letter of plasticity for junior school and also works with paintings for school interiors.