Kateryna Dmytrenko

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When creating a modern icon, I usually draw my inspiration from contemplating the samples of Western Ukrainian medieval iconography. Every time I find something new in ancient icons, something that is able to catch my eye and affect my imagination. These can be techniques as well as compositional details. But most often, I am influenced by the colour - a distinctive, frank colour, unique to Ukrainian icon painting. I feel the urge to maintain it while combining it with modern forms. I also admire plant motifs, nature is a standard of beauty for me.

I work in the technique of tempera painting on gessoed wood. Mixing natural pigments with egg emulsion on gessoed wood, I show the necessary "character trait" of each pigment, depending on what I want to get. I often combine different textures. This is the most interesting process of creation – a mysterious process that will never cease to fascinate.

Was born in 1996 in Lviv, Ukraine. 

In 2017 she graduated from Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts, Department of Monumental Decorative Painting.

2017-2019 she studied in Lviv National Academy of Arts, at the department of sacred art.

The works are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA.