Hlafira Shcherbak

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I believe that God is not inaccessible; he is the inevitability, the time of human blossom. In this context, I am the contour, the starting point, the effort of the Creator. So sacred art for me is Life itself, manifested locally; it is a balance between freedom of expression and completeness of defining the meaning of holy, of art, and of life in general, because the depth of characterization forms the way of its creative expression, contexts of understanding, i.e. creates space and choice.

Do you perform your song yourself, is it performed for you, does it sound in you, or is it you? Every time we ourselves choose to which meanings we reduce our understanding. And what about human nature? If it is inherently immortal, then God would have created God; if it is mortal, then death is God’s fault. Life is between the starting points, and the determination is again left to human free choice.

My art is about feelings and experiences, dialogue and co-creation with the viewer and their differences, creating integrity in the presence of God, about space and boundaries, the embodiment of meanings and changes. Searches and experiments, observation, variability, uncertainty, but at the same time faith, deep conviction - all of these are in the processes that resulted in my works of sacred art.

Was born in 1995 in Sevastopol, Ukraine. She got her degree at Lviv National Academy of Arts at the department of sacral art. Her works are stored in the collection of the Museum of the Warsaw Archdiocese, Poland, in private collections in Ukraine, Poland and Germany.


2022 - participation in the XIV International Icon Plein Air Painting "Meeting with the Risen One" (Nowica, Poland); participation in a public Christmas exhibition (Stuttgart, Germany); a personal exhibition of sacred art "Lead him along the straight path" (Gallery Iconart, Lviv, Ukraine)
2022-2019 - actively worked in monumental painting (church murals, murals)
2021 - a personal exhibition of sacred art "Ascent" (Gallery Iconart, Lviv, Ukraine); participation in a public Christmas exhibition (Wittenberg, Germany)
2020 - a personal exhibition of sacred art "In God is the Blossom of Man" (Gallery Iconart, Lviv, Ukraine); XII International Icon Plein Air Painting "The Word Became Flesh" (Nowica, Poland);
2019 - a personal exhibition of sacred art "Space of Intimacy" (Warsaw, Poland); XI International Icon Painting Plein Air "Psalms" (Nowica, Poland);
2018 - X international icon painting plein air "Time of Life. Time of Death" (Nowica, Poland); international plein air "Miedzynarodowe lato artystyczne" (Warsaw, Poland);
2018 - 2015 - took an active part in exhibitions and plein airs in Ukraine.