Arsen Bereza

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The purpose of my works is a new reflection of sacred images, so they have a chance to become closer to human in the modern world. The icon must change and develop, while as a holy work, it must preserve spirituality in each new manifestation. I am interested in studying the ways of interpreting an icon without losing its original meaning.

Was born in 1989 in Lviv, Ukraine
He graduated from Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts,
Painting department and
completed his Master degree at Lviv National Academy of Arts, Monumental Painting department.


2008 - project “Kryvo–Rivno”, Lviv, Ukraine
2009 - exhibition “Spiritus”, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2010 - “Lviv in Eyes of Youth”, Lviv, Ukraine
2011 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2012 - installation “Exit”, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 - international autumn salon “Vysokyi Zamok”, Lviv, Ukraine
2013 - “After Plain Air exhibition of IV International Symposium of Icon painting in Nowytsa, Warsaw, Poland
2014 - installation "Informational retroflection", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - exhibition "Belief", Zhovkva, Ukraine
2014 - "Monumental painting exhibition", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - Project "The cell", Lviv, Ukraine
2014 - "After plainair exhibition of 4 international icon painting plainair in Zamlynna", Lutsk, Ukraine
2014 - "Exhibition from the international interdisciplinary meeting "Giartino - Ogrod Sztuki", Torun, Poland
2014 - installation "Information. Inversion", Torun, Poland
2014 – project “Endurance test of the righteous Job. Dust of the gold” , UCU Museum of Modern Art, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 - project of modern visual art "Integration", Lviv Picture Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 - exhibition "Abstract painting of Ukraine", Kyiv, Ukraine
2015 - "Feldman art festival", Kharkiv, Ukraine
2017 - 6th UCU plainair for charity, Velyka Volosanka, Ukraine
2018 - Ministry of Culture grant "Gaude Polonia", Wroclaw, Poland

Personal Exhibitions

2012 - installation “Exit”, “Coralli” gallery, Lviv
2014 - installation “Informational Retroflexion”, “Primus Gallery”, Lviv
2014 – installation “Information. Inversion”, “Gallery Beyond Wisla”, Torun
​2016 - exhibition "Bellek ve Zaman", Istanbul
​2017 - exhibition "Painting. Ceramic" with Ihor Bereza, "Veles Art", Lviv
​2017 - exhibition "Melancholy", Iconart Gallery, Lviv
​2018 - exhibition "Memory and time", Platon Gallery, Wroclaw